Bodypainting Day NYC 2018

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Some photos from this years event.. Below are some details about the organization and the person that drives these great projects

“Since 2007, Andy Golub has painted bodies in the public streets of New York City on hundreds of occasions. At first glance, these performances may seem innocuous, but they actually address a variety of societal issues:
– Contrast between art and advertising in the public space;
– Role of street art versus gallery art;
– Appropriateness of public nudity;
– Distinction between nudity and sexuality; and
– Use of the human form as an aesthetic versus personal identity.
In January of 2017, Andy launched the non-profit organization, Human Connection Arts. HCA is now producing all Bodypainting Day events as well as new dynamic public events involving various art forms.
Human Connection Arts will continue and expand on advancing these values.
– Forming a unique connection between artist and model during body painting
– Sharing the connection and transformational process with the public
– Showing by example that following your dreams or inspirations is possible
– Infusing the public space with non-commercial, artistic expression
– Displaying our vulnerabilities as models and artists for the public”

Human Connection Arts

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